United Way of Guernsey, Monroe and Noble Counties’ Friends and Neighbors

The United Way Friends and Neighbors coordinates events and activities for those in addiction recovery to help bridge the gap for those in active recovery to form new and meaningful engagements with their community. Events are attended by United Way volunteers who provide social support at the events.


Bi-Monthly to Monthly activities (spread between all 3 counties – Guernsey, Monroe, Noble)


Evidence shows that recovery supports help people achieve long term recovery, prevent relapse and lower overall cost of care. We have learned is that often those who are able to get into inpatient treatment, outpatient counseling or sober housing believe they have nowhere to go that is safe, fun and affordable and no one to do it with. They have learned that they need to stay away from certain peoples, places and things which may trigger a relapse. It is imperative to their recovery and research shows that recovery supports increase positive outcomes.

Objective of Events

*Fun, creative, educational, safe, healthy lifestyle (drug free)
*Convenient location
*Long-term sustainability


Community Volunteers (Neighbors)
Those in Active Recovery (Friends)

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